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We are a locally owned, family operated business based in Suffolk. We are a full service lawn maintenance company that is licensed and insured. We don't just mow and go. Our services include mowing, pruning, fertilizing/weed control, and snow/ice removal. Our properties range in size from a single family townhome to multi-million dollar homes, commercial properties from offices to apartment complexes along with several HOA's.
Over the years, our business has significantly grown, but we have done so in a controlled manor to ensure we can handle the workloads of our current customers along with our new customers. We don't go after any and every job out there for this reason. When taking on new work, a company not only needs to have qualified personnel and working equipment, but also have a plan to hire additional employees and purchase new equipment. We have staff that are certified crew leaders and certified pesticide applicators. We have the equipment necessary to perform all the required work. Along with having front line commercial grade equipment such as trucks, mowers, and trimmers, we have back up equipment so when maintenance is needed for the frontline equipment, we have the necessary tools to complete your job in the timely manner agreed upon.
Thank you for checking out our website. We look forward to hearing from you to handle all your lawn and garden needs.

Nick Novellino





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