Frequently Asked Questions

How long has CNE Grounds Maintenance, Inc. been in business?
Answer: CNE Grounds Maintenance, Inc. has been in business since 2003.

Is CNE Grounds Maintenance, Inc. locally owned and operated?
Answer: Yes, CNE Grounds Maintenance, Inc. is a family owned business based in Suffolk, VA.

Is CNE Grounds Maintenance, Inc. licensed?
Answer: Yes, not only does CNE Grounds Maintenance, Inc. have a business license, but also a Virginia State Pesticide License to be compliant in state laws for applying fertilizer and weed control.

Is CNE Grounds Maintenance, Inc. insured?
Answer: Yes, CNE Grounds Maintenance, Inc. is insured.


What height will you cut my grass?
Answer: We take factors such, as time of the year and turf type, when determining the height to cut grass.
For Cool Season grasses such as fescue lawns, during the cooler months, cutting at 3” and during the summer between 3.25”-3.5”. The taller the grass is during the summer, helps shade the roots and keeps more moisture in the blades of the grass to help prevent heat stress.
For Warm Season grasses such as Bermuda, once out of the dormant stage, we cut between 2”-2.5” depending on the thickness of turf.

How often should I water my lawn?
Answer: Cool Season grasses need at least an inch of water a week. A common mistake is to either water once a week and the grass becomes stressed in between watering or watering every day, but not for a long enough duration. By not watering long enough, the roots grow shallow to the surface because they don’t get used to “searching” for water. This can lead to root damage and thatch buildup.
The best way to tell if you've applied an inch of water is to put some tuna cans around the lawn where the sprinkler is running. You’ll need to do this in several areas of the yard to make sure all zones of sprinkler system are adequately applying enough water. Time how long it takes to fill the cans and this will tell you if you are watering enough each time.
I would watch the grass to determine when it needs to be watered. If it starts to look stressed (gray color, stays down when walked on are two signs of stress) it's time to water.

What time of the day should I water?
Answer: Watering should be done early in the morning. Watering in the afternoon or when it is hot allows for water to evaporate faster and not get to the root where it is needed and also can burn the tips of the blade of grass. Watering at night can promote disease.

When should I Seed/Aerate?
Answer: Seeding cool season grasses should be seeded in early fall (mid-late September) up till the first frost of the season. Seeding in the Spring won’t allow the roots sufficient time to get deep enough to protect from the summer stress and will more than likely die off during the heat of the summer.
Aerating can be done anytime of the year, however not recommended during the summer because of the stress it can cause to fescue lawns. The best time for cool season grasses is in the fall along with over seeding and in June for warm season grasses.

What is Core Aerating?
Answer: Core aerating is a process of loosening the soil to allow roots to grow. Over time, the soil gets compacted making it hard for roots to grow through which stunts the turf. Aerating also helps prevent thatch build up.



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